Our Community

Welcome to Invermere BC and the Columbia Valley

The Rockies are priviliged to live, work and play in one of the most beautiful areas of Canada. Nestled between the Rocky and Purcell Mountains, our valley is home to the source of the Columbia River, which rises in Canal Flats.

The Valley is also home to  Windermere Valley Minor Hockey, who’s teams also play under the Rockies banner:

The Rockies pride themselves in their relationship with their co- located Minor Hockey Association.

This relationship has led to the Minor Teams based in Invermere playing under the Rockies name and colours. Our players are always willing to help out coaching the younger teams; and our A/P program focuses primarily on local talent, but also includes players form within and outside our own Division.

Perhaps the most  popular result of the relationship is the minor ‘Seventh Rockie’ who always join our starting line up at home games; and the Novice and Initiation groups who entertain our fans with scrimmages during some game intervals.

We are proud to be associated with such a vibrant and successful Minor Program and greatly appreciate all the support and work their players and organization give us.

In winter we are afforded a true Winter Wonderland with both Panorama (One of our major Sponsors) and Fairmont Ski Resorts on our doorstep; and 4 further world class ski resorts within 90 minutes drive of Invermere. The full range of winter adventures are available without going anywhere, including an Outdoor Rink and Whiteway Skating route on Windermere Lake.

For the rest of the year we are spolied for choice as regards top class golf courses; trails; hikes; climbs and lakes – If you are considering trying out for the Rockies, please come visit;  bring your family and stay a while;  discover our fantastic area and community for yourself…..