Building successful leaders for tomorrow through
hockey discipline, mentorship and community involvement.
Our goal as a club is to help develop our hockey players into outstanding citizens, who are able to come together as a team to create success on and off the ice. Our program is built around:
to help foster a cohesive team that is destined for success.
Both the on ice and off ice development of our players is assured by a strong coaching system put in place by our dedicated and experienced coaching staff featuring the following aspects:
Hockey and Skating Skills / Systems
Physical Fitness
Education in both life and academic skills
Community Service
Personal Development
Hockey Development
Our players have access to 5 on ice training sessions per week with pregame skates on game day. There are 49 regular season games in the league not including play offs. Your Rockies coaching staff are experienced qualified professional coaches who emphasis skill and play development during practice which provides the foundation for success on game day.
Off Ice Dryland
Players have mandatory training sessions with the top fitness experts in the valley. Endurance, Strength, Speed and Agility are developed with Crossfit Coach Jolaine Undershute who is a professional Crossfit Games athlete herself. Flexibility is fostered with Nicole Trigg during Yoga sessions. The club also has Lexi McIntosh, a personal trainer who provides Roll&Stretch sessions for active recovery and injury prevention.
The Rockies Organization has a dedicated trainer attending games and comes on site once a week for treatment and assessments. Dr. Karen Fahrni is a chiropractor in the community with a strong sports background that specializes in soft tissue therapies and athletic recovery.
Paramedical Staff
The club has a dedicated team doctor, dentist, chiropractor and physiotherapist in the community who work together to provide players with the best care away from home.
Billet Homes
We recognized the difficult transition of living away from home and provide our players with safe, supportive billet families. Our players are expected to interact with their host families and conduct themselves in a positive manner at all times. Our billet families are an incredible asset to the success of our organization and we are grateful for their support.
Community Involvement
Players are encouraged to interact and get involved in the community. We encourage players to develop leadership skills by participating in school programs like the One to One Reading program, Ball Hockey in the local preschools, or TA with the middle school Hockey Academy.
Any Rockies combining the start of their Jr. Hockey career with the end of high school will be attending David Thompson Secondary School. We are privileged to have Vice Principal Glen Sage as our Rockies academic coordinator. Mr. Sage is a long time hockey player and coach in the community. For those wishing to further their education can attend classes at the College of the Rockies Invermere Campus. Our organization promotes post secondary education with players and have several connections to Collegiate level hockey programs with recent successful player placement in NCAA Div III and ACHA Div I II and III.
Player Development
All aspects of our program are designed to help foster professional character development with our players through coach mentorship, community involvement and most importantly hockey skill acquisition.
Rockies Lifestyle
We strive to provide a balanced lifestyle for our players in the community by promoting fun and enjoyment in a team atmosphere. The club provides monthly events where players grow and bond as a team. Whether it is a hot springs soak, team dinner, or a cooking class in a local restaurant, these activities are always appreciated by the team.