Board of Directors

Governors and Directors

Brett Holt

MBA-Information Technology Management

Brett joined the Columbia Valley Rockies in 2016 as a volunteer and Billet host with his wife Sheena. He and his family have been calling the Columbia Valley their second home for more than 40 years. Having retired from a previous career in Telecommunications, he brings a wealth of experience and success. Brett  was one of the first recipients of the TELUS legends award which is the highest recognition for a TELUS team member to achieve. He has also been profiled in the Financial Post and Logistics Quarterly.  Brett has been a guest lecturer at University of British Columbia and Athabasca University and further gave back to business youth through mentoring students in the Haskayne Business School of Management MBA program.

Brett is a seasoned executive who has demonstrated the ability to lead and motivate multi-dimensional teams of professionals to new levels of success supporting internal and external clients in a variety of fast-paced environments. He built and led a multi-site world class national small business sales team with locations in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Brett established and delivered individual and team excellence with a determined focus on aggressive objectives and achieving results. His strong business qualifications with an impressive track record of hands-on experience in strategic planning, Sales leadership, team development, financial management, project management, information technology management and profitability improvement will be his asset’s coming to the Rockies.

Prior to joining the Rockies, Brett and his wife volunteered for the Lake Louise Alpine Ski World Cup for more than 23 years. In his role as Executive Director – Logistics, Operations and Infrastructure he brought Canada to the World stage by supporting a significant team of dedicated individuals ensuring World Cup ski racing in Canada prospered.  Brett was also a core member of the 2010 Whistler Olympic and Paralympic games timing team.

Brett looks forward to continuing and building upon the legacy of the previous leadership of the Rockies. Brett also serves as the Chairman of the KIJHL Board.

If enough People believe, the dream comes true – Frank King


Board Administration:

Karen Fahrni: Vice President
Rhonda Sage : Secretary
Raylene Oram : Treasurer


Roger Dubielewicz
Kris Ekelund
Greg Gieger
Ken Hann
Barry Brown-John
Nancy Smith
Diane LaPointe
Iris Grolla
Julie McIntosh:  Founding Director

Hockey Operations

General Manager: Wade Dubielewicz

Team Administration: Rhonda Sage

Billet Coordinator:

Volunteer Coordinator:

Glen Sage (Vice Principal of DTSS) : Education Coordinator

Roger Dubielewicz : Director of Game Day Operations

Minor Hockey Liason: Diane LaPointe (WVMHA)

Business Operations

Sponsorship Opportunities: Wade Dubielewicz

Wood Lot Manager: Ross Bidinger

Media and Broadcast Management: Brett Holt
Team Bus Coordinator: Ross Bidinger
Bull Riding in the Rockies Coordinator: Greg Geiger

Arena Security Coordinator

Ken Hann



Guest Services:

Sheena Holt

Volunteer Opportunities

Like all Hockey Organizations, the Rockies rely on a dedicated team of board members and volunteers working behind the scenes to allow the Coaches and Players to do their job. If you are interested in becoming involved with our organization, please feel free to contact us and find out more. 

Game Day Volunteer Roles:

Hosts (2):
Meets Invited Guests; Assists groups booking functions (like Birthday Parties etc) during games in The Mezzanine; Coordinates On Ice Intermission Entertainment (Puck Toss, Shoot to Win etc); and Coordinates all during game off ice events in Arena Lobby. Encourages crowd participation during games and dispenses free merchandise to fans (Timbits etc).

Gate keepers (admission) (x3)
– 3 people per game. 2 people start 1 hour before game time and cover 2 periods. – 3rd person starts at the beginning of the 2nd period and stays until the halfway mark of the 3rd period. (responsible for collection of money and selling of programs)

Security (x4 plus)
– Start time is one hour before game – One person at the door, during the game moves around the arena checking doors – Watching the bar area to ensure no minors are consuming alcohol. – During intermissions they provide assistance at doors.

Bar (2)
– Bar setup is half hour before game time. Bartender should pick-up 2-3 bags of ice. – The Board will coordinate licensing and arrange purchase of liquor prior to game. – At end of game liquor is removed from the arena and replenished for next game.

Sound (1)
– Music starts for warm up 30 minutes prior to the start of the game and plays during game stoppages.

Announcing in-house (1) 
– Announcing starts approximately 15 minutes prior to start of game and continues during the game, announcing goals, penalties, door prizes, etc.

Anthem Singer:
Sings National Anthem On Ice Before Game

Game Off Ice Officials

Penalty Box – Visitors (1) & Penalty Box – Home (1)
– At the beginning of each game, Volunteers take their position in the penalty box. – Record the start of each penalty and allow penalized players to return to game when penalty has expired.

Timekeeper (1)
– Is the person responsible for timekeeping of the game – This includes penalties, shots on goal. – You need to pay very close attention to what is happening on the ice

Scorekeeper (1)
– Be ready to go 15 minutes before the game starts. – Official recorder of the game. – Must know Referee hand signals for penalties. – Must pay close attention to what is happening in the game. – Informs the game announcer and webcast team of the names of penalized players and goal scorers.

50/50 (1)
– Records the ticket numbers and sell the 50/50 tickets during the game. – Counts and arranges for the draw.

Referee Liason (1)
Obtains the money from the Gate and pays the Game officials immediately following the game.

Webcast internet Broadcaster (1) Internet Color Commentator (1)
Camera operator (1)
Technician (1)
– Arrives 45 minutes before start of game to setup equipment, connect to central broadcast center. – Familiarize yourself with team names, numbers, etc. – Broadcast begins 15 minutes prior to game time

Team Merchandise (1 or 2)
– One hour before start of game setup table with souvenirs. – Supervise during game. – Make list of items that need to be ordered.