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   Columbia Valley Rockies: Events

......and the next big events on The Rockies Calendar are:
                     Rockies Golf Tournament 2017
It's coming up fast - Our annual Golf Tournament is on Saturday 23 September at Copper Point Golf - $100 gets you golf, cart, very cool tee gift, supper at the Clubhouse and a chance to take on 4 Hole in One Competitions with at least 3 x $10 000 50/50 cash prizes ($5000 to the golfer, and $5000 to the Rockies) - The cash holes are recurring, so everyone gets a chance. In addition there are lots of other challenges on the course where you can win Hockey, Golf and other prizes!
Come join us, our new line up, and the Copper Point Golf staff for a great day out.....
To register please call Copper Point Golf Pro Shop on 
250 341 3392 and ask to register for the Rockies Golf Tournament!

Main Camp 2017 - 25th to 27th August  at Invermere BC

**Please Note - We have almost filled our spots for Main Camp. The Camp is by invitation only, and if you wish to attend, and have not yet been told you will be receivingan invitation you should contact Wade Dubielewicz on 250 341 5801**


Check In for Camp will open at 3 pm on Friday August 2017 closing at

4 .30pm  - The intention is to have Line Ups for Two Teams at the Camp including Vets, Signed Rookies and Prospects - Dressing Rooms will be allocated at Check In; and a Full Camp Schedule will be posted under 'Camps' at, in due course. Players will have the use of their allocated room for gear storage etc during the camp.

Skate Sharpening will be available at specific times; and any players who require a replacement stick during Camp can access our discounted Team pricing for pro grade Fischer sticks - We will have a range available on site if required.

Exit Interviews will be held on the Sunday, and  Prospects selected for Training Camp will be invited to stay on for Coaching, Training and Exhibition games during the following week. The first few days will be residential in a Team Building Environment, prior to players moving into billet homes around September 1st.

As we progress into September, the initial 2017 /18 Roster will then emerge.

Full information packs and joining instructions will be forwarded to all invited to Main Camp during early August.

Please address any queries to Head Coach Wade Dubielewicz on 
250 341 5801 or

The Columbia Valley Rockies Junior Team resides in Invermere, British Columbia, approximately 1.5 hours North of Cranbrook and 2.5 hours West of Calgary. We compete in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL). This is a Junior ‘B’ league that prepares and develops players for Junior ‘A’. The league consists of 20 teams with four divisions, each division has five teams. This is a highly recognized and well respected JR B league throughout Canada. The Rockies Program mirrors that of Junior A Franchises, with 4 practices per week, as well as an off Ice Fitness Program and 1 on 1 Video Teaching. We play 52 games per year in Regular season. The KIJHL is one of the main recruitment grounds for Junior A Leagues throughout Canada, as well as for Major Junior. 
For more information on the Rockies please browse the rest of our site:, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

For more information on the KIJHL, please visit:


Past Events Include .....
Bull Riding in the Rockies 2017 
One of our largest Fund Raising Events to date - Check out the video of our 19th Annual Bull Riding in the Rockies by clicking on the photo below...
The BC Pond Hockey Championships 2017 - January 27 - 29 2017

The one every one had been waiting for:

The Pond Hockey took place from Friday January 27th to Sunday January 29th  at Lake Windermere, off Kinsman Beach, Invermere.


Here is a video review of the weekend:




The Registration Site was provided courtesy of our friends at The Hockey Community and remains live from 16 November 2016 You will be able to visit the site and see the teams / results by clicking on the photo below....

Thanks for the great accommodation deals from our sponsors including Copper Point Resort; The Residences at Fairmont Creek; Canterbury Inn; and Kanata Hotel, Invermere. These were made available to any one registering for the event.

In the meantime please contact Rhonda on:

or Graeme on:

for further information, about our Annual Pond Hockey Championship



Our 18th Annual Bull Riding in the Rockies took place on Friday 22 July 2016, and was Dedicated to Long Time Tireless Rockies and Community Volunteer, Ray Brydon:


For everyone who helped make it happen, and all those that came and supported it - Here are our memories of Bull Riding in the Rockies 2016...

If you didn't make it to the event here is a taster of what you missed. Huge thanks to everyone that was a part of it in any way!

This years Bull Riding was dedicated to Ray Brydon who tirelessly helped make it happen for many, many years, plus a tremendous lot more besides. We know he was smiling on the day of the event and hope we made him proud.....


After the excitement of Bull Riding, we still have all this to look forawrd to:

August 26 - 28th  2016 : Rockies Main Camp 
(See Camps Tab for more details)

August 29th - September 5th 2016 ; Rockies Training Camp & Exhibition Season

Friday September 9th 2016 : 50th Regular KIJHL Season Opens

Our 38th Home Opening Weekend includes:

Friday September 9th vs Creston Valley Thundercats @ The Eddie

Saturday September 10th 2016  vs Fernie Ghost Riders @ The Eddie,

followed by.....

Sunday September 11th 2016 : 3rd Annual Columbia Valley Rockies Golf Tournament at Copper Point - Registration is on line via Copper Point Golf @ $95 per golfer 
(Click on the Copper Point Logo for more details and to register )


 Recent & Past Events include:

Rockies BC Pond Hockey Championships 2016 - January 29 - 31 2016

The one every one had been waiting for:


The Pond Hockey took place from Friday January 29th to Sunday January 31st at Lake Windermere, off Kinsman Beach, Invermere.

Registration was $550 per team with a Fun Prize Draw Entry for all teams entering before December 31st. Registration also included Free Admission to the Rockies vs Spokane Braves game at The Eddie, Invermere on Saturday 30th.

The Registration Site was provided courtesy of our friends at The Hockey Community and will go live again before the 2017 event, at which time you will be able to visit the site and Register......

We  secured several great accommodation deals from our sponsors including Copper Point Resort; The Residences at Fairmont Creek; Canterbury Inn; and Invermere Super 8. These were made available to any one registering for the event.

In the meantime please contact Grant on 250 342 7614 or by e mail : for further information, about the next Pond Hockey Championship





Rockies 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Our 2015 Tournament took place on Sunday September 20th -

Please click on the sign to view the photo album:

It was a Great Day, with Great Support, Great Participants, and , again, a simply awesome Venue - Huge thanks to all who took part, volunteered, sponsored and donated in Support of both our Team, and our new Team and Community Bus - Very special thanks to Brian Schaal, Scott McClain, Bryan Armstrong, and all the staff at Copper Point Golf for providing the venue, support, assistance and everthing else they do for the Rockies and our Community.


Bull Riding in the Rockies 2015

This year's event took place on Friday July 17th and was simply the best, and largest Bull Riding event the Rockies have presented so far!

Huge thanks to everyone who attended, supported, volunteered, sponsored, and all the contractors / individuals who bring their services to our event - All of you help make this not only a great fund raiser for The Rockies; but one of THE nights of the year for our Community.

There are way too many involved in this event to thank individually - but very special thanks goes to Greg Geiger, Allen Miller (Al), Ray Brydon, and all of the Bull Riding Committee / Rockies Board Members who organize this event every year; Arrowhead Brewing Company for their extra Bar and Staff to run it alongside our Old Timers & Silver Tip bar servers.

Our Rodeo Contractors: Main Event Inc, including Kaycee Rodeo Bulls, Big Country Rodeo, and Northcott Rodeo.

Our Band : KixxSinn, "because the party don't start 'til the band KixxSin"

Our Grand Entry Riders - Kenzie DuBoisMaddy TuftsCourtney Falkmann;Brooklyn FlowersMckaylynn Alexis Dawn SnihorMichelle Babich; and Kaitlin Hoefnagels.....

and of course - Our Cowboys; Rodeo Clowns and Mexican Poker Players. 
All of the Bulls used for the event are professionally handled; and none were hurt or mistreated. Our Riders are all are experienced pro circuit riders, but do end up a little bumped and bruised - So don't try this at home, kids!



Music this year, by polar demand, was  from Kixxsin....

Refreshement was courtesy of the Arrowhead Crew (and all the usual suspects).....

....and our newest addition for this year was none other than a mechanical bull courtesy of Angry Angus! When ever the bull bustin' was all done and everyone was having fun at the dance, a lot of people took the chance to bust their own mechanical bull!

Past & Regular Rockies Events:



Following on from the success of last Spring's Fun Tournament, on April 17, 18, and 19 we hosted our 2nd Annual Spring Tournament at The Eddie Mountain Arena in Invermere.

It was set up for Oldtimers 35 and older, and we added 5 womens Teams.

On the men’s side we had  2 Divisions based on Age and Ability. (If there is a need for a 3rd Men’s Division in the future we will use the same format.)

Please click on the photo below to see our photo album from a great, fun weekend that helped us boost our fund raising for the new team bus....






Columbia Valley Rockies 

Pond Hockey Championships 2015


And then it was over....Join the Columbia Valley Rockies in 2016 for another amazing Rockies Pond Hockey Tourney. A huge thank you to all the teams who participated, the sponsors,the vendors who produced some awesome food and beverages and everyone who volunteered their time,we appreciate it very much !


The Columbia Valley Rockies are hosting the 4th Annual Pond Hockey Championships (formerly the BC Pond Hockey Championships) in Invermere between January 30th and February 1st 2015

All proceeds from the event will go towards the purchase of a new Team and Community bus.....
Come and join us for a great fun filled weekend of Pond and Rockies Hockey - All participants will be invited to a reception at the Eddie Mountain Arena on the evening of Saturday January 31st 2015, and be given comp tickets for the Rockies home game vs Kimberley Dynamiters that night....

The Pond Hockey Championship is all about having fun! Playing hockey on backyard rinks, frozen ponds and lakes is how most of us started playing Canada's game. This Event continues this tradition with a focus on creating a beautiful fresh air venue, and fun outdoor tournament that remind us of why we started playing in the first place- for the pure joy of the game!

 To find out more details, please click on the link.....

ICE UPDATE & SCHEDULE (as of January 27th)

Although we wouldn't want to be practising on our rinks at the minute, after the warmth of the last few days, we have had the ice checked again by our resident experts. 
If the weather is according to forecast for the next few days we should be good to go by Friday, after we skim the rink surfaces - So for the meantime everything is going ahead as planned, and here is our schedule. Check back here for ice updates....



620 pm Hockey-Community vs Baltac 1
620 pm Elsinore vs. Calgary Bears 2
7 pm Core Hockey vs. Beer Guys 1
7 pm Inside Edge vs. Kicking Horse 2
8 pm Walker’s vs. Hockey-Community 1
8 pm Hosers vs. Slow & Slower 2
840 pm Big Horn Vs. Badgers 1
840 pm Puck Hunters vs. Jagr Bombs 2
920 pm Rusty Nuts vs. Magnesite 1


10 am Magnesite vs. Baltac 1
10 am Walker’s vs. Hosers 2
1040 am Beer Guys vs. Bighorn 3
1040 am PBR vs. Kicking Horse 1
1120 am Rusty Nuts vs. Hockey-Community 2
1120 am Slow & Slower vs. Calgary Bears 3
12 pm Core Hockey vs . Badgers 1
12 pm Inside Edge vs. Puck Hunters 2
1240 pm Rusty Nuts vs Baltac 1
1240 pm Elsinore vs. Walker’s 2
1240 pm Bears vs. Hosers 3
120 pm Core vs. Bighorn 1
120 pm Jagr Bombs vs. PBR 2
120 pm Puck Hunters vs. Kicking Horse 3
2 pm Magnesite vs. Hockey-Community 2 
2 pm Elsinore vs. Slower 1
240 pm Beer Guys vs. Badgers 1
240 pm Inside Edge vs. PBR 3
240 pm Baltac vs. Magnesite 2
320 pm Walker’s vs . Bears 1
320 pm Core vs. Beer Guys 2 
320 pm Jagr Bombs vs. Kicking Horse 3
4 pm PBR vs. Puck Hunters 1
4 pm Rusty vs. Hockey-Community 2
4 pm Hosers vs . Elsinore 3
440 Bighorn vs. Badgers 1
440 Inside Edge vs. Jagr Bombs 2


9 am Magnesite vs Jagr 1
9 am Walkers vs. Slower 2
940 am Badgers vs. Core 3
940 am Inside Edge vs Puck Hunters 1
1020 am Rusty vs Baltac 2
1020 am Bears vs. Elsinore 3
11 am Hosers vs Slower 1
11 am Bighorn vs. Beer Guys 2
11 am PBR vs. Kicking Horse 3


1140 am Mixed 1 vs 2 
1140 am Mens Plus 35 1 vs 2
1220 pm Mens Rec A 1 vs 2 
1220 pm Mens Rec B 1 vs 2


(Subject to change / additions)


Inside Edge Thunder 
Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Asses 
Puck Hunters
Pabst Blue Ribboners (PBR)
Jagr Bombs


Core Hockey
The Beer Guys 
Bighorn Bruisers
Highland Badgers


The Rusty Nuts
Magnesite Mania
Baltac Bros. 


Calgary Bears
Nelson Hosers
Slow & Slower
Walker’s Repair

For all the up to date information on what your Rockies (and our fans) are up to on and off ice check out our Facebook Page -

Click on the link below to check it out (For best results sign into your own Facebook Account before doing so) .....

For live updates on all our games and events - Follow us on Twitter by clicking here....

Or want to catch our games, and can't make it to the venue -

Check out the League's Play Full Screen Broadcasts of our games by clicking here.....



The sun was shining and we had a wonderful day playing the Ridge course at Copper Point.A huge thank you to Brian Schaal and all the staff at Copper Point,you guys are awesome.And also to Justin Atterbury and staff at Rocky River Grill for feeding all our golfers.All our foursomes took a Rockies hockey player on the course and now know the boys a little bit better.This tournament was to help raise funds for a new Rockies Community bus .We appreciate everyone who helped out and to everyone who donated in any small way,Thank you!! The tournament was an amazing success and we are already thinking about what we can do for next year.These photo's also showcase how beautiful our Columbia Valley really is.

Please click on the Golf Ad  to view them:  


   Rockies Big Weekend and Golf Challenge  

To properly celebrate the opening of the 2014 / 15 KIJHL Season your Rockies are packing a lot of hockey and fun into a single weekend. We are inviting all our fans, and particularly Player's Families and Alumni to join us for:

Friday 26th September :
7.30pm - 10pm Rockies vs Fernie Ghostriders at The Eddie. All our new player's parents and families will be invited to join their son's on the ice for a formal introduction during this game. (Standard admission applies)

Saturday 27th September :
7.30pm - 10pm Rockies vs Beaver Valley Night Hawks at The Eddie.
(Standard admission applies )

Sunday 28th September :
12 noon to as long as it takes - Rockies Golf Challenge on The Ridge at Copper Point, Silent Auction, and Banquet

This is a Golf Tournament open to all commencing with a shotgun start at 1pm. Each party teeing off will be accompanied by one of our players.
Major Hole in One Prizes including cash and a vehicle will be part of the days fun.
Cost per Golfer including green fees, cart between 2, and dinner is $75 - All proceeds will go towards the purchase of a new team and community bus.

A Silent Auction will be held during Saturday Night's Game; and during the Golf Tournament at Copper Point Club House

To register for golf please call Invermere Home Hardware on 250 342 6908, and ask for Extn 224, giving names of all golfers in your party with a lead or team name (single golfers are also welcome), and providing a contact number and e mail.
We will confirm your booking and process payment at that time.

Alternatively you can call 250 345 0171 (leave a message and contact number if we cannot take your call); or e mail us on

Special accommodation rates at Copper Point Resort and Panorama Mountain Village will be available for the weekend to all those booked to play in the golf tournament - Details will be provided upon booking your Golf.



               Bull Riding In The Rockies 2014






This years Bull Riding in the Rockies took place on Friday 18th July 2014 - Click on the picture below for more photos of a great event, which was enjoyed by hundreds of fans including  Dragons Den's Brett Wilson picture here with our PR and Merchandising Director, Noelene Anderson....

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported Bull Riding in the Rockies over it's 16 years. It is not only a huge fund raiser for the Rockies, but a great evening of Bull Bustin' , Mexican Poker, and dancing.

Also, a huge thank you to the Bull Riding Committee for organizing these great events, and to all the volunteers who work so hard to make it a great success.


This year's Bull Riding Dance music was courtesy of Kixxsin.....


         Walker's Warriors Labour Day Weekend Classic      

The Rockies are proud to be associated with this event which is organised annually by our GM, Ross Bidinger.

This year's Tourney will take place at The Eddie Mountain Arena on 29th; 30th and 31st of August.

It is open to 35+ Only and will host 4 divisions of 4 teams each dependant on skill level.

Each team will play at least once per day at a registration cost of $1000 per team including dinner, dnace / entertainment on Saturday Night.

Our Training Camp attendees, Returning Vets, and vounteers will be on hand to help out with the event which always proves to be great fun and enjoyed by all. Our team, Minor Hockey and community sports in general all benefit from the proceeds of the event, and we would invite everyone to support it as much as we do.

For team registration please contact Rockies GM:

Ross Bidinger 250 342 9424 (Walker's Repairs) or by e mail on:


The Columbia Valley Rockies held their first annual Adult Rec Hockey tournament for 8 teams in Mid April at the Eddie Mountain Arena 

Participants were also able to take advantage of the Golf Courses and Panorama Ski Resort  for a great weekend in BC.

This was a fun event whch we hope to expand upon each year, especially through introducing teams formed by our Alumni - Our goal is to have 12 teams for April 2015 comprising of 3 divisions of 4 teams each, each team playing at least 3 games each.
The Tournament is open to 19 plus, and will cost around $750 per team. Remember all funds raised through the event go to supporting our Rockies Players, so get out here, have fun; and support your Rockies...
If you want to play some puck next time around contact:
Grant Kelly on 250 342 7614, e mail:
Kris Ekelund on 250 342 1006, e mail:

So come on out and enjoy our valley....Special Golfing Rates courtesy oft Radium Resort Golf Course are available through Grant - Food and refreshments will be available throughout the tournaments in the Arena Mezz.

             2013 to 2016 Team Partners

We are delighted to have both our Corporate Partners and Sponsors from the 2013 / 14 & 2014 / 16  Seasons, offering to continue their partnership with us into the coming season

We are all looking forward to more antics in the stands from our adopted Panorama mascot - Pano Pete....

Pete always gets a very warm welcome when he appears in his own named Rockies jersey , particularly when he is delivering the free Timbits donated for every game by another of our Team Partners, Invermere Tim Hortons, to hungry fans.....

For 2015 / 16 Panorama and Tim Hortons will be joined by another local business, Arrowhead Brewery, as a major team Partner.

We are delighted to have the support of yet another major contributor to our Community, and to the local economy!

Player's Family Weekend  

The Rockies pick a weekend when we have both a Friday and Saturday night home game each season, to which we invite our player's families to come to the Valley and join them for a family weekend. We arrange special rates for local accommodation, and host the families at the games where they wear their player's away jerseys for the night....

911 /  Fire and Rescue Nights 

The Rockies like to express our appreciation for all our emergency and resue services by inviting some of our Valley's Police; Fire & Rescue; Ski Patrol; Ambulance and Health Care Workers to be our guests at some of our home games; and to go on the ice toreceive some well deserved recognition from our fans .
Don't miss a great chance to show all of them how much we appreciate what they all do for us - Be sure and support these special game nights.....

In addition, ouur friends at Invermere Fire and Rescue have previously sponsored  a Kids 12 and under go free night for some of our home games

All kids getting free admission  also get a free pop and hot dog courtesy of our Firefighters who  volunteer at these game in their dress uniforms. 

School Nights

The Rockies also enjoy inviting various grades from our Community schools along as our guests to some home games - The team particularly like to welcome the parents, staff and pupils from Eileen Madison Primary School where our players have engaged in their One on One Reading Program with the pupils for several years. They also playa an important role in encouraging the pupils to become involved in sporting activities...

Minor Hockey at our Games

During every Home Game a minor hockey player from one of the divisions of Windermere Valley Minor Rockies dresses and joins the team on the ice for warm up; visits the dressing room and joins the starting line up as our 7th Rockie for the singing of the National Anthem - Any minor players wishing to gettheir turn to be our 7th Rockie can sign up during Minor Hockey Registration in Fall.

Also, whenever their schedule allows it, we invite the initiation and novice divisions to have a short scrimmage during intervals in our games - This always attracts very noisy appreciation from our fans...

Birthday Parties with The Rockies

For any of our younger fans who want to share their Birthday Celebration with their favourite Rockie we rent out our Mezz for private parties during games; and will arrange for the Players who are not on the ice for the game, and the Birthday Boy or Girl's favourite Rockie to visit during an interval in the game.
These dates book up very quickly, and if you would like to arrange a party please contact Noelene on

Rockies Christmas Fun Day and Pizza Party for Initiation and Novice Minor Hockey  Players 

Prior to Christmas each year (subject to Ice Time restrictions) we like to host a day of fun on the ice where the youngest Rockies can play games with our players followed by a Pizza Party with the team - This usually takes place on a Sunday just before Christmas...

Alumni Games and Events

We intend to continue hosting Alumni Games to mark special events and 'big' anniversaries. In the meantime we hope to organize other events at which Alumni can meet up and have some fun - this will include our new Annual Rec Tournament, and hopefully some golfing events in the future - Check back here regualrly for more details....

                        Rockies 35th Season

Having had such a great response to our first ever true All Alumni Game in 2012, by popular demand we had another to celebrate our 35th Birthday in 2013. The Rockies invited any Alumni from 78/79 through to 11/12 to a little puck back at The Eddie before our Home Opener on September 14th 2013.

Big Thanks to all the Alumni, and everyone elsei who attended or played, donated items for auction; vounteered; helped make it happen; and generaly had a great time..... 

Columbia Valley Rockies Day, 15th September 2012 - Alumni Game:

15th September 2012 was Columbia Valley Rockies Day in the Valley, and your Rockies are delighted to be in the position of thanking all those who contributed to making the day such a huge success. So thanks to all the fans and sponsors / supporters; alumni players; volunteers; new Rockies Panel and staff, who made the Tail Gate Party such a fun (and tasty) event; the Alumni Game and skills contest

 such fantastic entertainment; and the 6 - 1 Home Opener win over Golden so great!

Special thanks to all the Alumni who took to the ice including Shane McKay and Doug Shick of the Original 1978 Line up; Paul McDougall who came all the way back from New York City for the first time since he played here in 81 -83; and Wade Dubielewicz who treated everyone to a display clearly demonstrating the abilities of an NHL goalie. Safe Home to all who travelled to be here - See you all again soon.....



 Just a fantastic day....

Rockies Flash Fans:

For the last home game of the 2011/12 Regular Season your Rockies got a bit of a surprise - Click on the photo below to see what one of our youngest volunteers caught on camera,It's well worth a watch.......







Rockies Defenceman Davin Burton (2015-18) commits to University of Central Oklahoma of the American Collegiate Hockey Association


   (photo Jamie Fitzgerald)


Rockies Defencemen Braydon Barker (2016-17) commits to Concordia University of Wisconsin, an NCAA Div III school.